• 15 January 2019 - 12:46
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Breeding sturgeon is one of the aquaculture activities that has been taking place in the country for a decade.

Iran (IMNA) – In 2010, breeding sturgeons has been started in some farms of Isfahan by entering little sturgeons, with the average weight of 8 to 10 grams. Pursuing the matter of breeding this kind of fish by the fishery of the province, the management of Agriculture Jihad of the county, and the beneficiary efforts, after 8 years, 5 kilograms caviar was extracted from a sturgeon (beluga) with the weight of 62 kilograms in Aran and Bidgol County.

Although sturgeon meat is considered as the most desirable fish in the world, more importantly is producing "caviar" through breeding this kind of fish. The value of sturgeon is not only because of their meat, but also due to their roe which are known as caviar or black pearl.

Caviar is one of the most valuable food products, that due to its abundance in the Caspian Sea in the past few years, Iranian caviar has turned to be a brilliant brand in the world.Considering the decline in fish stocks in the Caspian Sea, breeding sturgeons in aquaculture farms has been taken into account by the fisheries of the country, and some high capable provinces are now active in this regard.


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