5 January 2019 - 11:09
Public water disaster close

"We are only 5 years away from public water disaster in the country due to 50 years mismanagement in this regard," the head of the National Center for Strategic Studies of Agriculture and Water use at Iran's Chamber of Commerce said.

Iran (IMNA) – "Organizing, restoring, and reviving the water resources of the country is still possible," Seyed Mohammad Hossein Shariatmadar said in the national conference of water management in the eastern side of the country held in the Chamber of Commerce, industries, and mines of Khorasan Razavi.

"We haven’t reached to a comprehensive consensus to solve this problem, and we don’t have a pervasive and national strategy with a proper timing and the agreement of sovereignty and the private sectors," he noted.

"In the provinces of Khorasan and Sistan and Baluchestan, the amount of water offtake has been reached to 8.5 billion cubic meters from groundwater in aquifers ; this amount should be at most 5 billion cubic meters," Abdollah Fazeli, the secretary of reviving and balancing aquafers of Iran's water resources management added.

"Annually, we are the witnesses of 50 centimeters drop in the depth of the aquifers in four eastern provinces," he continued. "The government and other executive organizations cannot solve the water shortage problem, the only way to fulfill this matter is the participation of stakeholders," he noted.

"In the current conditions, in any way, only focusing on water supply cannot solve the water shortage crisis. A measure should be taken out in order to get rid of the water crisis in the eastern part of the country by focusing on solving the issues related to the instability of the area, the integrated management of natural resources, and reforming the infrastructures," Abbas Keshavarz, the Deputy Minister of agriculture for Cultivation Affairs said.

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