• 1 January 2019 - 12:58
  • News Code: 363242
عباس آباد

The head of the World Heritage Site for Persian gardens has announced the decision to reach a mutual agreement regarding the condition of "Abbas Abad" global garden in Mazandaran.

Isfahan (IMNA) –After the director general of Mazandaran Cultural Heritage Organization announced the receiving of a yellow card by UNESCO in relation with the problems in the complex of Abbas Abbad, responsible individuals have raised objections about the inappropriate keeping conditions of this garden. The garden was close to exit the global list of gardens; but currently, it seems that responsible organizations have consulted to protect this global garden against any dangers.

"The police force and other urban and military organizations that are involved in the garden's usage, have stopped their activities and reached a mutual management, and it was settled to eliminate the carried out constructions in this global complex," Parviz Saadati said.

Emphasizing on the mutual agreement to remove the constructions which have been built since 2016, and pointing to the global registration of this natural garden, he continued, "Currently, the measures that have been taken out before the global registration of this area will remain the same as before."


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