Presence of IMNA in New–Tech 2020 Exhibition of Kerman

The director of modern technologies exhibition announced the presence of IMNA, the first specialized urban news agency of the country, in Kerman exhibition.

Isfahan (IMNA) – Saying that IMNA which has been launched with the exemplary effort of Communication and International Affairs center of Isfahan municipality, is the only official and specialized News Agency in the field of urban management, Seyed Reza Mir Hosseini said, "Creating specialized virtual media regarding urban management to build a bilateral relationship with citizens  is a valuable measure that can increase and improve the quality of communication with audiences much more than written media."

"Informing processes without a wise use of modern media tools has the least influence," he added. In this regard, he appreciated the valuable action of Isfahan municipality for launching a specialized and official virtual media in the field of urban management. He considered IMNA as a perfect model for other medias, and announced the holding of a meeting entitled representing the Isfahan municipality's experience in the field of setting up an urban News Agency.

"The experience of Isfahan municipality regarding launching an urban News Agency will be presented in a meeting about the modern technologies exhibition in public relations which will be taken place on the fourth floor of the Mobile Market of Iran located in Islamic Republic Blvd, from 2 to 4 January," he continued. He announced the attendance of ICDL Iran Foundation as the official and international reference point for IT skills assessment.

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