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Kasegaran School

Kasegaran School is one of the attractions of Isfahan that dates back to the Safavid era. It is located in Imam Hossein square (Sabze Meidan), in Risman Bazaar. This monument is registered in the national monument of Iran on June 20, 1979, with the registration number of 386.

Isfahan (IMNA) - Kasegaran School was constructed in the last year of the reign of Shah Soleyman and the beginning of the reign of Shah Soltan Hossein Safavi, near the Jameh mosque of Isfahan. This place has been built in two stories with two iwans in northeastern and southwest sides, the chambers also were constructed in the central courtyard with the shape of irregular 8-sided polygon.

The inscription on the portal of the school dates back to 1105 AH; it was written in Suls calligraphy with white mosaic tiles on azure background, by Abdollah Rajal. Quranic verses were also written on both sides of the portal in Banaee calligraphy which dates back to 1103 AH.

Some poetries and also the names of Mohammad Momen Bana Isfahani and Mohammad Ibrahim Isfahani were written on the square shapes on two sides of the entrance portal, dating back to 1103 AH.

Around the northern iwan of Kasegaran School, an inscription was pargetted in white Suls calligraphy on the brown background. A narrative of the prophet has been written on this long inscription by Jafar ibn Abdollah. The date of this inscription is 1103 AH.

Around the inner portal of this school, there is an inscription in the northern iwan, symmetrically, which is written in Suls calligraphy on white background.

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