• 3 December 2018 - 14:26
  • News Code: 360315
فضای سبز شهری

The United Nations has signed an agreement with the purpose of improving citizens' heath through restoring and creating biodiverse urban green spaces around the world.

Isfahan (IMNA) - The United Nations has reached a mutual agreement with Adelaide university of Autralia and the plan of Healthy Urban Microbiome Initiative (HUMI) in the  2018 UN Biodiversity Conference  in "Sharm el-Sheikh",  a city on the coastal strip along the Red Sea . David Cooper, the Deputy Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity has considered this cooperation agreement as the global movement to improve the global urban health.

According to the plan of Healthy Urban Microbiome Initiative (HUMI) in 2020, the organizers have planned to implement the project in 20 cities of 20 countries around the world, before the UN 2020 biodiversity conference.

In this regard, Martin Brid, from Adelaide University has announced that exposing human to the environmental microbiome that is found is the urban green spaces, has an important role in improving the function of the immune system of human body.

"Adelaide University will cooperate with societies, civil and public health authorities to assess the effects of exposing to the environmental microbiome on improving citizens' health and urban biodiversity," he also said.


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