1 December 2018 - 14:44
Dovecotes turned into cultural centers

"All pigeon towers can be repurposed and turned into cultural centers," the mayor of Isfahan said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "We hosted some foreign officials and the representatives of step-sister cities on the occasion of honoring ceremony of Isfahan Day; they defined Isfahan as a paradise during visiting the city, this definition can be a great honor for Isfahan and its citizens," Ghodratollah Nowrouzi said.

Saying that we are trying to register Isfahan Day in the national calendar, he continued, "On the occasion of Isfahan Day, various programs had been prepared in different parts of the city."

Pointing to the restoration of the Azar Bahram pigeon tower, he noted, "By considering the urban development, establishing and restoring these kinds of historical complexes are essential. We can take advantage of dovecotes to hold cultural-artistic programs."

Referring to this fact that municipal district 10 ranked second regarding cultural facilities, he said, "Pigeon tower in this area can be a tourist attraction site like other historical monuments of Isfahan, so the cultural level of this area will be increased internationally."

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