27 November 2018 - 09:59
Why should we honor Isfahan?

"The cosmopolis of Isfahan has been honorable for all people; therefore, our duty is preserving this city," the mayor of Isfahan said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "This question may raise that why should we honor Isfahan, and why should we hold the honoring ceremony for it? If somebody or something has two characteristics, it is worthy of appreciation," Ghodratollah Nowrouzi said.

"First, that person or thing bring honor to mankind in such a way that human is proud of it. Second, that person or thing has such intrinsic value that mankind defines his/her identity and evaluate his/her position based on it," he continued.

"Isfahan has both of these characteristic; therefore, the duty of all of us is preserving this city," he noted. "The first honorable potential of Isfahan is being cosmopolis, and the second capacity  is having the characteristic of being a mythic city, which has the symbolic capability to be modeled," he continued.

"November 22, as the symbolic day of Isfahan is important as we can introduce its capacities to the world. We should keep in mind that the past and present activities shape the future processes, and we should work together to organize this cultural and creative city," he also said.

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