26 November 2018 - 09:41
Iranian hospitality is gorgeous

Saurabh Kumar, Indian ambassador to Iran, has praised the hospitality, history, and rich culture of Iranian people.

Isfahan (IMNA) – Saurabh Kumar talked about his 5th presence in Isfahan, and also his interest in Iranian history, culture, and literature. "Respect and politeness are well understood in the words of the Persian language, and it is impossible to find a negative and empty point in Iranian culture, since everything in the language and culture of Iranian people is totally goodness," he said.

Referring to Isfahan as a historical city with a rich culture, he added, "The architecture of this city during the Seljuk and Safavid eras is evident in historical monuments such as the mosques of this city." 

Pointing to the relationship history between Iran and India, and the influence of Iranian culture on India, he said, "As you know, Homayoun Shah stayed in Iran for a while, he got familiarized with Iranian culture and costumes during the time of his presence in Iran. When he returned to India, he brought some Iranian politicians and artists with him. After that, India was influenced by Iranian culture."

"Each year, various celebrations are held among Muslims, Hindus, secularists, Christians, and followers of different Indian religions in India. There is also a Hindu festival of lights in India (Diwali) which is very popular among people," he added.

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