Reflection of Isfahan's beauties at Erfurt University of Germany

"The students of Erfurt University of Germany, as the cultural ambassadors of Isfahan, will exhibit the beauties of this historical metropolis in Germany," the head of tourism department of the cultural, social, and sport organization of Isfahan municipality said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "Two professors at Erfurt University of Germany and eight students of the art department, studding the intercultural issues, have traveled to Iran to perform a photographic project at their own expense; they will stay 1 day in Tehran, 4 days in Isfahan, 1 day in Yazd, and 1 day in Shiraz," Alireza Massah said. "They will stay in Isfahan more than other cities; it shows that Isfahan is particularly significant for foreigner tourists," he continued.

"The visiting tour of this 10-member group was actually a cooperation project between Isfahan municipality and Erfurt University of Germany to visit the important historical and cultural areas of the city. The photo exhibition with the theme of Isfahan will be held in the Erfurt University next year (A.D) and the taken photos will be displayed with the logo of Isfahan municipality," he noted.

"One of the most important activities that attracts more tourists is holding international exhibitions, but due to the currency related problems, participating in different exhibitions will be expensive for the municipality; moreover, some people try to stonewall our attending in these exhibitions," he also said.

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