Pavement construction plan of Chaharbagh to run in Ghazvin

"Improving the quality of life in the neighborhoods, increasing vitality in the urban spaces, and also increasing the quality of citizens' lives are the developmental indices in the metropolises that should be considered by all the authorities," the mayor of Ghazvin said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – Saying that cultural indices and improving the quality of citizens' lives are considered in the City Council and the municipality of Ghazvin, Ali Safari said, "Transportation and infrastructure issues are paid attention too."

Noting that modeling the activities of Isfahan municipality in Ghazvin has been put on the agenda, he continued, "We have visited the Chaharbagh pavement construction area, and we decide to implement the same plan in Ghazvin." Referring to the historical, cultural, and heritage attractions, he said, "This city has also intact natural sites that will host all people of Iran.

"Pointing to the necessity of the empathy between the municipalities and the city councils to succeed in implementing the plans and projects in cities across Iran, he said, "What is evident is the sympathy in Isfahan which certainly brings very good results."

Saying that a part of the success of Ghazvin is due to the presence of Isfahani authorities in this city, he continued, "The first governor-general of Ghazvin is Seyed Ali Nekuie from Isfahan, whom we wish him well."

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