Excellent Interaction of Isfahan municipality with handicraft activists

"The municipality has engaged with the handicrafts activists in a positive way during the last year," the head of Craft Union of Isfahan said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "Good things have happened in the field of handicrafts and our interaction with the municipality has been increased after the meeting with the mayor in July. During this short period of time, we have created good events with the cooperation of Isfahan municipality," Abbas Shirdel said.

"After this meeting, an agreement was concluded between the municipality and the craft union; the municipality provided us with the local culture houses, and after that we carried out good activities in this regard," he continued.

"We also held a great exhibition in Chaharbagh Avenue by interacting with the beautification organization of the municipality," he added. "The municipality has also provided the Kowsar cultural center in Khorasgan for us, which was a great action," Shirdel noted.

Referring to the positive performance of the municipality in the field of handicrafts of Isfahan province during the last year, Shirdel said, "It can be said that the municipality has made a good interaction with the handicrafts activists, and if we want to score it, we will give 15 out of 20."

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