Sustainable development of country depends on city-to-city cooperation

"We are seeking for a sustainable development of urbanization in Isfahan, we believe that the focus should be based on human- environment development, environment and, and considering the next future generations as well; according to the sustainable development, nobody is trying to pay attention to today's life, but they try to ensure and protect the interests of future generation," Ghodratollah Nourowzi said.

Isfahan (IMNA ) – "Currently, there is no empathy between the cities of the country regarding directing the investors, while this is an essential matter, and the secretariat of metropolitan mayors' forum should work on it, so that we can use these communications to build and develop the cities," the mayor of Isfahan continued.

Emphasizing on this fact that we should not only pay special attention to one city, he said, "If our neighboring city develops, we will succeed in the same direction too; therefore, we should consider the success of the neighboring city as our success to create a link between these small islands, then we will arrive to witness the prosperity of our beloved country."


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