24 September 2018 - 14:30
Jalaliyeh School

Jalaliyeh School was built at the end of Safavid era, during the reign of Shah Sultan Hossein, in 1114 AH. This school which was built by Jalal al-Din Mohammad Hakim (the doctor of Shah Sultan Hossein) is located in Ahmad Abad neighborhood. Some scholars believe that this monument was built in 1115 AH, but the inscription on its portal indicates that this building dates back to 1114 AH.

Isfahan (IMNA) - Jalaliyeh School has two Ivans in the south and north sides, and it has also many cells around the building. This monument is considered as one of the interesting buildings in the late Safavid era due to its inscriptions with Suls and Kufi calligraphy, tileworks and Mughranes decorations, and also its unique plasterworks. The founder of this school, Jalal al-Din Mohammad Hakim) was buried in the northern Ivan.

This building is registered in the national monument of Iran on October 10, 1996, with the registration number of 1754.


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