11 September 2018 - 11:55
Muharram in Isfahan

The CEO of beautification organization of Isfahan municipality announced the special Muharram decoration throughout the city with the urban symbols of "Tears and Muharram" and "special Muharram flags" coinciding with the beginning of the month of Muharram".

Isfahan (IMNA) – "600 symbols of tears adorned with the Arabic and Persian sentences of Muharram motto are installed near the highways, urban underpasses, Imam Hossein square, and on the bridges of the city," Hassan Moazeni said.

"Also special symbols of the month of Muharram will be installed in Imam Hossein square, in front of the central municipality of Isfahan. All the bridges of Isfahan are decorated with green and black flags due to the beginning of the mourning days for the master of martyrs, Imam Hossein," he added.

Referring to the strategic programs and policies that are on the agenda of this organization, he continued, "Quality improvement of the public spaces of the city, designing the pedestrian spaces, identifying the symbols and fine buildings, reviewing the income of the organization, using the beautification elements in the construction projects, changing the decoration of Chaharbagh Avenue, and following the example of old architectural styles in Isfahan are among the ongoing programs and policies of the beautification organization of Isfahan municipality."

Pointing to the comprehensive beautification plan of the city, he said, "This plan as a complement to the comprehensive urban plans and the detailed project of Isfahan, will change the appearance of the city; Isfahani citizens will arrive to witness the subsequent positive effects.The beautification project of Isfahan will be implemented after related investigations. We intend to use the views of great consultants to execute the project."

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