Iranian cinema producers use techniques in realistic manner

An Indian film producer expressed his satisfaction for attending in Iran’s 31th International Film Festival for Children and Youth currently underway in central Province of Isfahan.

Isfahan (IMNA) - In an interview with the reporter of the festival’s news headquarters, Anil Komar, an Indian film producer, who has so far produced more than 41 movies he said the subject of his film dubbed “Kishan” which is slated to be screened in the festival, he added that the main theme of his film deals with elderly loneliness. 

This film is based on the subject of elderly loneliness. It portrays the silent cries of a mother who deserted by her own children, lives a lonely life on the bank of Ganges. This story is narrated from the point of view an orphan who has never received the love and affection of a mother. The following is excerpts of the interview:

Reporter: What is the status of children and youth cinema in your country?

Komar: In India and even all over the world, there are two types of movies, common sale like Hollywood movies which just make money and the second one is artistic movies. I watched popular Iranian film in internet and I loved them. I saw Majid Majidi and Asghar Farhadi films.

What do you know about Iran’s children and youth cinema and in general the Iranian cinema?
Cinema as whole is based on business. Producers use different techniques just to make more money, even emotions are suppressed with techniques, however, I like Iranian cinema because producers use these techniques in a realistic manner.

What is your idea about the importance of hosting Iran’s International Children’s Film Festival in the Middle East?
Your films are very nice but you don’t have many audiences, just those who know cinema watch your films, so you should try to attract the global audiences. 

How do you evaluate the situation of Iranian cinema in the world?
Cinema as a whole is completely commercial.  But in my country and your country also there are good movies for children. I saw the movie called “Children of Heaven” and I liked it a lot.

How much does your government pay attention to children and youth cinema?
In India the government does not pay so much attention to children and youth cinema.

How do you evaluate the situation of Iranian cinema in the world?
Iranian cinema is the best, the best cinema ever made in the world. But marketing for Iranian films are very poor in your country.

Presided by Alireza RezaDad, the 31st edition of International Film Festival for Children and Youth inaugurated on August 30 in central Province of Isfahan and the event would be wrapped up in September 5.

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