400-years old Khansar watermill; new tourist attraction

400-years old Khansar watermill is the only remained watermill in Khansar that has been abandoned and neglected since many years ago.

Isfahan (IMNA) – Khansar is one of the counties of Isfahan province that its history dates back to before Islam. This county is considered as one of the first main centers of civilization and social  life in the area. Many springs and old water equipment like watermills are among the most important attractions in this county.

Before Sassanid era, watermills were tied to a camel with a gear; but Romans taught Iranian how to construct watermills. When Roman Empire was defeated by Iran in two battles, Valerianos was captured in the second battle, and kept in a castle in Shooshtar for 10 years.

At that time, the king of Iran promised to release the slaves from the prison under one condition; every slave who teaches Iranian people the skills of reading, writing, making craft, or any other art will be released. Those who were in the castle agreed the proposed condition and built the old Dezful bridge; the bridge that cars still cross on it.

The rest of the slaves teach the watermill construction; Khansar watermill is one of those promised watermills. Now, the watermill area in khansar has become a tourist attraction; people come to visit this 400-years old watermill, drink tea, buy souvenirs and take photos with the watermill.


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