Children filmfest “celebration of aspiration”

The Farabi Cinema Foundation (CEO) called the 31st International Film Festival for Children and Youth as “celebration of an aspiration” and said this is a place for direct encountering of children and youth film producers of our country.

Isfahan (IMNA) - In his message to the festival which was inaugurated in central Province of Isfahan on Aug 30, Alireza Tabesh said the event can take the responsibility for an influencing role.According to the festivals news headquarters, in his message for audiences and organizers of this event, the official described children as leaders who help adults to use media products especially modern communication media.

“This event is underway while the industry condition and the cultural sections related in children and youth stays in an exceptional and rare situation during the recent half century. This is a type of situation which can arouse fear and hope simultaneously in the heart of those who are interested and concerned for this industry,” the message reads.

As per the message, “the amount of taking advantage of cultural products by the new generation is unprecedented. According to the statistics and the research studies, this generation spend more than one fourth of their life with several cultural products (cinema, television, modern communicational Medias and books) and this is the most promising cultural space realities of these days.”

“Although we were concerned about not welcoming cultural products by children and youth during the past periods, now we are encountering with those youth that not only use these products on daily basis and continuously. They also enjoy from high level of media literacy in a way that they can guide us for using these media products, the latest communication technologies in particular.”

“Although this promising fact has another side, which is the concern of not being able to provide them the convenient domestic products, therefore the young and thirsty generation, due to the lack of appropriate content, inevitable leads to the products which are not in coherence with Iranian culture, literature or beliefs. This concern is frustrating, and if not addressed adequately, could turn this important and historic opportunity into a huge, burdensome threat,” the message added.

“We think that, this festival and its golden butterflies can help us in order to eliminate this concern and to enforce that hope,” he added.

“As a place for direct encountering of our country’s children and youth movie producers, this festival can take the responsibility for an influencing role in this space. If it can keep its healthy and prolific relationship, the children and youth cinema as a mother industry, not only will enjoy from affluence and tranquility, but also it will guide its related industries toward a noticeable revolution.”

“If we were to, have an ambition on the first steps of this year’s festival, there would be nothing bigger, more convenient and promising than a wish for this cinema to once again find its place in its audience’s everyday lives and become the pioneer player in children and youth associated industries in our country,” the message added.

Presided by Alireza RezaDad, the 31st edition of International Film Festival for Children and Youth inaugurated on August 30 in central Province of Isfahan and the event would be wrapped up in September 5.

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