Isfahan hosting special guests from all around the world

"Two international programs are taking place in Isfahan, so more than 300 foreign travelers are the special guests of Isfahan metropolis," the mayor of Isfahan said.

Isfahan (IMNA) - "During the days of Imamate and leadership ceremonies, happy celebrations held in various neighborhoods of the 15 municipal districts of Isfahan to respect the dignity of Eid al-Ghadir and create joy and happiness throughout the society." Ghodratollah Nowrouzi the mayor of Isfahan said.

Pointing to the attendance of two thousand Isfahani citizens in the closing ceremony of Neshatestan special program in the 4th municipal district, he said, "during these celebrations, Isfahani citizens experienced the new style of urban special programs with the attendance of Isfahani artists, which was unique in its kind. Bagh-e Ghadir is one of the biggest and most appropriate places to run various special programs for citizens."

"One of these programs is the 31th International Film Festival for Children and Youth, the other one is an international conference, which is hosted by Shahrake Elmi va Tahghighati with the cooperation of Isfahan municipality," Nowrouzi continued.

"A large number of great professors, scientists, and also artists from different countries are entering Isfahan; so, all hotels and motels are full of the foreign and domestic guests who have traveled to Isfahan to attend these two international events. we try our best to create a joyful and warm atmosphere during the events," he also said.


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