Urban renewal with redevelopment approach in Isfahan

Saying that the important aspect of urban renewal approach is "Urban Redevelopment", an urban design expert said, "Urban redevelopment has several aspects that all contribute to the recovery of worn-out textures of the city.

Isfahan (IMNA) - "Sustainable redevelopment is one of the newest global approaches for the worn-out textures of cities. In fact, urban redevelopment is a process that creates a new urban space by preserving the main features of the physical space and the previous nature of the worn-out texture. For example the historic square of Imam Ali is one of the successful urban redevelopment- based project," Maryam Farrokhi said.

"Fortunately, the position of Isfahan in this regard is acceptable in comparison with other cities of the country," said Farrokhi, referring to the renewal the of worn out tissues in the city of Isfahan. She described the migratory nature of the worn-out tissues as the most important problem in the old texture of the city, and continued, "For example, native inhabitants of Juare neighborhood have emigrated from this area because of the urban problems in this region, therefore, the migration of non-native people should be avoided in this worn out textures."

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