City hubs; driving forces for development

"One of the characteristics of the city hubs (special centers of the city) is changing to the driving engines of the urban development; and in the case of defining and implementing these centers, we can see the development of Isfahan," an urban development master said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "Among the Isfahan's hubs we can refer to Sofeh Mountain, Isfahan City Center, University of Isfahan in the south, the meeting hall of the heads in the southwest, Shahrak-e Salamat (town of health) and Shahr-e Royaha (dream city) in the west, the development plan of Hazrat Zeinab's shrine in the north, development of Kaveh terminal in the north, Golden City (car town) in the northwest of Najvan, Chahahrbagh avenue, Safavid Dowlat Khane, and Jahan Nama in the center," Farzad Momeni said.

"Three functions of work, leisure, and residence, and also what combines these three items (access routes and communication network based on telecommunication science) related to the statement of the first SIAM Congress were formed in Switzerland in 1928, that will cause the economic growth, create specific audience, satisfy the citizens, create emotional intelligence among people of the society, in this case, our Isfahan is all right. But the problem is that how not to be left behind from the other cities concerning the rapid development and improvement of the world," he mentioned.

"In the developed world, cities are divided into different parts, and each part is attributed to an activity; if these three mentioned functions in SIAM Congress are defined focusing on new approaches, then we will have the real city hubs," Momeni said.

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