• 25 July 2018 - 09:39
  • News Code: 349172
پياده راه سازي چهارباغ

"The project of turning Chaharbagh Abbasi Avenue into a pavement is one of the valuable projects which is related to the preservation of the historical texture of the city that will be completed by the end of August," the CEO Renovation and Restoration Organization of Isfahan Municipality said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "Currently, the excavation of the central area of Chaharbagh Abbasi is in progress so that after the International Film Festival for Children and Youth, the revival of fountains and basins situated between Imam Hossein square and Enghelab square will be implemented and exploited," Hossein Jafari said.

Stating that in the central areas of Chaharbagh Abbasi, old basins and fountains will be constructed and the tourism sites of Chaharbagh Abbasi will be revived in some executive phases in its old form, he added, "According to the predicted schedule, the construction of Chaharbagh Abbasi sidewalk will be completed by the end of August."

Jafari hopes that Chaharbagh Avenue will be turned into an urban space soon, so the citizens, businessmen, and residents will enjoy this historical path. "Currently, Chaharbagh Abbasi is completely blocked and only special service vehicles have the right to enter this area," Jafari also added.



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