Wheelchair users to enjoy more independence in Naghsh-e Jahan square

The urban appropriation consultant of the urbanization and the architecture deputy of Isfahan municipality announced that the appropriation project of Naghsh-e Jahan square for the disabled and veterans is already well underway, and added, "This year, 300 million Tomans from the budget line to execute appropriation processes in district 3 of Isfahan municipality has been allocated for appropriating Naghsh-e Jahan square."

Isfahan (IMNA) – "One of the most important duties of the city administrative board is to provide suitable conditions for vulnerable people to be present in the public places and use the facilities. Because disabled, veterans, and elderly people have the right to use the urban facilities and enjoy being in historical and tourism places like other citizens," Alireza Ebrahimian said.

"In the past, suitable conditions were provided for the peaceful presence of the citizens, especially the disabled in this historical place by repairing the ground of Naghsh-e Jahan square, constructing the access routes, turning Sepah and Hafez Street into the sidewalks and preventing the vehicles from entering the square," Ebrahimian said.

"It is planned that in addition to repair and cover the disposal canal of the surface water of the "polo areas" in the square and increase the safety of visitors, at the first phase, the ramp and the stairs in front of Hafez Street will be constructed, and the entrance of Imam square from Tohid Khaneh Park, Sadi Street and Gheisariye bazaar, and the stone obstacles around the phaeton area and the broken stones in the square will be repaired by the district 3 management group and Innovation and Improvement Organization of Isfahan municipality," Ebrahimian said.

وی خاطرنشان کرد: با وجود تمامی اقدامات مثبت صورت گرفته، موانع و راه‌بندهایی که برای جلوگیری از ورود وسایل نقلیه به خصوص موتورسیکلت‌ها در ورودی بازارها و بازارچه‌ها نصب شده است، همچنان مشکل اصلی معلولان در تردد و دسترسی در میدان نقش جهان است که امیدواریم به کمک مردم اصفهان، رعایت حقوق شهروندان توسط موتورسوران، اعمال قانون در برابر متخلفان و ادامه همکاری مدیریت کلان شهری و شورای اسلامی شهر همچنین تخصیص بودجه‌های تکمیلی در سال‌های آینده بتوان گام‌های موثرتری در این زمینه برداشت.

"Despite all the positive measures that has been taken so far, the obstacles installed in order to prevent entering the vehicles especially motorcycles to the entrance of Bazaars, still the main problem of the disabled is the traffic; we hope that more effective steps will be taken in this regard by observing the citizens' rights by motorists, law enforcement against the offenders and the continued cooperation of the city administration and Islamic city council, and also allocating the supplementary budgets in the following years," he also noted.

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