19 July 2018 - 10:21
Historical places are oil wells!

Stating that tourism is one of the main focuses of municipality's plans, the mayor of Isfahan said, "The next step after turning Chahar Bagh into a cultural passage, is connecting it to the Naghshe Jahan square through the sidewalk of Sepah Street; When we see people of different nationalities in this square, we can say that "Naghshe Jahan is an oil well".

Isfahan (IMNA)- "Isfahan as a global and creative city with various cultural and historical works, has attracted a wide range of tourists, and it is of great significance in this regard," Ghodratollah Noroozi said. "Tourism can cause social vitality, economic dynamism, and many other positive outcomes. I hope that the private sectors will continue its activities hardly in this regard based on regulations, and we shall see the realization of the projects that lead to the prosperity of the city," he added.

"Isfahan is a city that can accommodate tourists in all seasons, and use its facilities, so that everybody who comes to Iran will travel to Isfahan. One of the important factors of tourism is the culture-building practices; Isfahan has made a lot of progress in this regard, but we still have many problems," he said.

Pointing to the palace of Chehel Sotoun, Noroozi added, "If you want to visit this palace, you won't see any queues. In other countries, you must stand in a line for hours for visiting such buildings. This is a fact that historical places are oil wells, but we must exploit them. One part of these cultural activities is the people participation; we can achieve our aims with the help of people. Surely, we will succeed if we work together to develop our city."

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