Lador spring; new tourism destination in Isfahan

The tourism area of "Lador spring", with beautiful mountain landscapes and waterfall views has become one of the tourism hubs of the province and country.

Isfahan (IMNA) - In addition of having 8 top universities, mosques, and famous Hosseiniyes, Khomeini Shahr benefits greatly from the natural beautiful views. In addition to the lush gardens of this town which are considered as the lung of the western side of the province, one of the region's tourism destinations of this town, registered in the special economic areas of the province, is "Lador spring".

Some people define "Lador" as "Ladoor" because of the valley that people should go through in order to reach their destinations, and another group called it "Lador" since they believe that the spring water is clear and passes through the valleys, and it is bright and transparent like a pearl. Among the tourist attractions of this area, we can mention the waterfalls, the spring itself, water paths, landscapes of the plains, fig trees, flowers and wild plants, birds, Chahar Bagh area of Lador, beautiful caves, fountains, sport facilities, and hiking areas.

In this area, you can climb the mountain from the left or right paths and reach the area above the main waterfall, and enjoy the beauty of waterfalls, ponds, fig trees, very shallow caves and ditches in the mountain that sometimes are covered with plants like maidenhair. "In the future, the main policy of cultural heritage organization of Isfahan is supporting the tourism development in the towns in the province," Fereydoon Allahyari, director general of Isfahan cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism organization said.

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