• 16 July 2018 - 09:35
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Iraj Mozafar said,development at Isfahan municipality. "The existence of chinar trees in a city that has more than 300 sunny days is unique in its kind. For this reason, sufficient efforts has been made to preserve the old trees in Chahar Bagh while constructing Chahar Bagh sidewalk; therefore, these old trees and natural heritage have not been damaged," the deputy mayor for urban development at Isfahan municipality, Iraj Mozafar said.

Isfahan (IMNA) - "Chahar Bagh Street is the center of Isfahan tourism, and if it becomes a sidewalk, it can introduce the cultural identity of the city to the tourists in a better way. Except the construction operation of the middle refuge that began after completing the excavation operations by the cultural heritage organization, 47 percent of the sidewalk construction operations to the eastern path, 90 percent of the eastern sidewalk construction operation, 17 percent of the sidewalk itself, and 42 percent of the sidewalk construction to the western path has been done," the deputy mayor for urban development at Isfahan municipality said in a special interview.

Pointing to the implementation of this project in two working shifts, Mozafar said, "two paths of sidewalk with an area of 8800 square meters and eastern and western sidewalks with an area of 4400 square meters will be constructed during this project."

Iraj Mozafar thanked the patience of business community and the citizens living around the project area and said, "Vitality is the main characteristics of sidewalks; therefore, social life should always manifest in the body of sidewalks. The appearance of sidewalks must be able to attract a wide range of citizens and to be consistent with events which are going to be hold there. Therefore, flexibility is also an important feature of sidewalks."


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