27 June 2018 - 11:29
Happy lotus celebration!

The traditions of ancient Iran have undergone many changes; many of these customs have also been forgotten. Maybe, one of the most important and popular traditions was celebrating the beginning of the seasons which was praised by Iranian.

Isfahan (IMNA) - Niloofar or Niloopar is one of these ancient celebrations; it probably was celebrated on June 27th coincided with the flourishing of the lotus flowers at the beginning of summer and as a prelude to Tiregan's celebration which was on July 4th.

Since the blooming of the lotus flowers coincides with the time that the sun reached its highest altitude and the days get longer, the ancient Iranian believed that these flowers linked with the Mitera (the sun).

Except a short essay by Abū Rayḥān Bērōnī in his book, the Remaining Signs of Past Centuries (Asar Al-Baqiyah), which only refers to the time of the celebration, there is no further information on this subject. However, since water was very valuable and a sign of purity among Zoroastrians, it probably was common to bless and sanctify with water like many other ancient celebrations of Iran.

Today, this almost-forgotten celebration is no longer known as the Niloofar celebration, but in some counties such as Khomein, Farahan, and Mahallat, it is celebrated as the beginning of Summer Celebration.

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