26 June 2018 - 15:02
Hagop; oldest church in Isfahan

During the reign of Safavid era, Hagop church was built in Isfahan which is now situated near Tohid Street. This church is registered as the national monument of Iran in February 2003, with the registration number of 7647.

Isfahan (IMNA) - The Holy Hagop church is located in the court yard of Holy Maryam church; it has a single hall with a rectangular altar and 3 small domes; the middle dome has 8-sided framework. The materials used for constructing Holy Maryam church are brick and adobe. The inner walls of the building are covered with plaster, and the paintings with the theme of stories from the Bible were depicted on them. Around the church, except its eastern side, there is a veranda with twenty carved stone pillars. All these pillars are connected to each other by arches.


The walls of the church were decorated with glazed tiles up to 1.35 meters height; they are reminiscent of the architectural art of 17th century. The upper part of the wall is made in eastern-European style which is close to Italian style. Hagop church, or Holy Yaghub church, is the oldest church of Isfahan. It was built in 1606 AD. The Holy Maryam church was built around this church in 1613 AD, now Hagop church is inside the Holy Maryam church, in the northern side.

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