9 June 2018 - 15:48
Are you a good parent?

Being a parent is a complicated experience, and there's no exact one recipe for doing it right.

Isfahan (IMNA) - Parenting is like riding a roller coaster during which you have to support the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of your child from infancy to adulthood and at the same time you need to encourage your children to think independently and solve their own problems in their own abilities. In the following there are some tips which help you to be a good parent

Children are always watching you

Actions speak louder than your words; kids learn more by observing than by being told what to do or what not to do. So, the first step to be a good parent is being a good role model. This is a fact that most parents are not aware of it. Take a moment; think about the areas you wish your kids would act differently than you. Your children are less likely to do differently than you unless you change first.

Show your love

For some parents, to love means spoil the child; the fact is that no matter what our children do, we still love them responsibly. It means that we as parents should correct when they are wrong and help them realize their mistake. Although we should keep in mind that by sparing the blind love, we may pamper them. If you have a lovely relationship with your child, they're going to listen to you and your opinion enthusiastically. Then tend to develop resilience and trust you more and more.

Communicate with them

Always be a warm and safe shelter for your child to show them you are sensitive to their needs. Better social-emotional development and mental health are the outcomes of being sensitive to your children needs. Keep an open line of communication with your child and listen to them carefully. Ask them to tell you about their experiences. There is no need to provide exact solutions; this will help them make sense of their experiences.

Punish but not too hard

You may believe that spanking can bring compliance; that's right but it has short-term positive effects with long term negative outcomes! By physical punishments child will not distinguish right from wrong. Children who are punished physically are more prone to fight with other children and show bullying behavior; this will ultimately lead to relationship problems with other kids. The goal of punishment should be to make an undesired behavior less likely to happen in the future.

Parenting is not an easy task; it requires all your attention and patience. No matter how old are your children, you are always PARENTS; to be a good parent is a never ending task. You should always help your children feel valued and loved, and provide adequate contexts for them to develop their confidence and independence to become a perfect adult.

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