• 2 June 2018 - 11:31
  • News Code: 345166
سفال شهرضا

For the first time, a cargo of "Shahreza's pottery works" will be exported to China in order to be released in the Beijing market.

Isfahan (IMNA) - “Shahreza's pottery works are unique in the world in terms of their glaze and design,” Mahdi Soheili, an artist potter of Shahreza, said. “About two months ago, a Chinese merchant got acquainted with the Shahreza's pottery works through a merchant from Tabriz. Following this happening, the contexts to order thousands of potteries was provided in order to be exported to China,” he continued.

“Crazed glazing and the design of fish on Shahreza's pottery works are considered as the unique characteristics of this art; these unique features made the Chinese merchant to get interested in this art,” the artist of Shareza said.

Stating that the exported cargo will be prepared next week, Soheili said, “For the first time, Shareza's pottery works will be exported to China. Also, Yazd Termeh, Tabriz Tapestry, and Qazvin Abgineh are among the other items that will be offered in the Beijing market; it's worth mentioning that we also had orders from France, Italy, and the United States last year.”

“There have been no support from the cultural heritage organization or other business centers. Therefore all the actions including marketing, making, exporting, and selling the products are upon the artist,” Soheili noted.


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