• 6 May 2018 - 11:29
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Natanz (IMNA) -The Dehyar (rural mayor) of Abyaneh said, “More than 36,000 domestic and foreign tourists visited the spectacular village of Abyaneh on the 2nd and 3rd of May."

Mohammad Adeli said that 18 thousand and 100 hundreds domestic and foreign tourists arrived at Abyaneh on Wednesday the 2nd May. Moreover, 18 thousand and 650 tourists entered and visited Abyaneh on Thursday the 3rd May. Concurrent with the symbolic ceremony of picking flowers and rose water distillation ceremony (Golabgiri) in Ghamsar district of Kashan, a large number of tourists visited the historical village of Abyaneh and the places of interest in different parts of the city of Kashan. 

Adeli continued: "on average, we saw the presence of foreign tourists from different nations in Abyane every day".Abyaneh is located in the central part of Natanz, 40 km northwest of the city, on the slopes of Mount Karkas and it was registered as a national monument in Iran in August 1975.

The 960-year-old mosque of Abyane with a wooden pulpit and a Mihrab with Kofi script, a unique architecture, water and nature around the space of the tombs of Yahya and Jesus (PBUH), the Hajtokh Mosque of the Safavid period, the windmills attributed to the pre-Safavid era and the Palahomoneh castle outside the village, with the view of Abyane's staircase architecture is one of the valuable historical monuments of this village.

The Harpak Fire Temple, Nareh water reservoir, Prazla Mosque belonging to the Ilkhani era, Sabbaths, about 150 door which had been made by walnut and plane trees dating back 600 to 800 years ago and four-story houses are among the other historical indicators of the village of Abyaneh.


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