• 1 May 2018 - 15:45
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مرمت و احیای مقبره صائب تبریزی

During the Isfahan cultural week and with the help of the cultural, social and sports organizations of Isfahan municipality, a valuable meeting was held with the title of "Isfahan, the city of literary" in Qadir garden.

Isfahan (IMNA) _ during this meeting, Dr. Mehdi Nourian, a well-known literature professor in Iran and the faculty member at Isfahan University along with Dr. Alireza Jafari Zand, the archaeologist and professor of "Tehran University of Science and Research" gave lectures.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Nourian noted: “In addition to having many literary figures, Isfahan has played a major role in the formation of Persian literature and its basic changes.” He added that among the prominent characters of Isfahan, who unfortunately received less attention, is Kamal Isma'il, whose poetry power is so much that his sonnets have entered the Sa'di poetical works and intermingled with his lyrics.

In his view, the tombs of literary figures in Isfahan are not protected as they deserve, and this is far from their literary dignity and also the grandeur of Isfahan. As an example, he pointed to Saeb's tomb and said: after a while, by making a wrong decision, Saeb's tomb was changed dramatically by building a library inside of the tomb's yard and this significantly reduced its beauty. There is no doubt that building a library is a positive act and leads to the cultural progress, but there were many other areas that could be allocated to the library; in my opinion, there was no justification for destroying the beautiful space of Saeb's tomb.

In this regard, Ja'fari Zand said that the historical context of Isfahan is in match with "Literary Tourism" and emphasized that management weaknesses is the reason for the lack of literary tourism dynamism. He said that every year in Europe, many tourists visit the tomb and even the memorial stone of the famous European celebrities; all of these benefits are gained by the correct management and respect to the great and honorable people of the European countries.


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