Governments should support Iranian handmade carpet industry

The chairman of the Isfahan Handmade Carpet Manufacturers Association said, "Regarding the current stagnation in Iranian handmade carpet marker share, stablishing the carpet department is considered as the mere solution to the problem.

Isfahan (IMNA)_ pointing out that selling carpets to foreign countries is one of the problems, Bagher Seyrafian said, "there was a significant decrease in selling Iranian carpet when sanctions imposed against Iran. Subsequently, foreign countries made negative promotions against Iranian products, especially handmade carpets.

He added, “At the time of imposing sanctions, we were witnessing the fact that supply of rugs from countries such as Pakistan, China, and India welcomed by foreign countries as well. At the same time, a great stagnation in carpet export market happened throughout the country.’’

The chairman of the Isfahan handmade carpet manufacturers association stated, “Moreover, we noticed that carpet weavers' tend to perform fake jobs after the stagnation of demand for Iranian carpet; whiles, weaving carpet has neither pollutants nor harm to the environment. I have to say the fact that the government's support for these businesses is not as enough! It seems that if the government wants to resolve this problem, it would only be possible to improve the situation with the establishment of the "Carpet Administration"

Seyrafian noted, “As in many art businesses like Khatamhkari and ghalamzani we get the strong government, officials should also allocate special support for handmade carpet. Of course, it is indisputable that the governments never has the same point of view to handicrafts as well as iron industry! He said the carpet industry should be seen as the first-class handicrafts to improve its condition.

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