Isfahan, Tabriz, and Hamedan will sign a tourism agreement

The mayor of Tabriz proposed a trilateral agreement between the municipalities of Tabriz, Isfahan and Hamedan, he also stated:"The municipalities can be the pioneers in attracting and exchanging foreign and local tourists."

Isfahan (IMNA)_ "the municipalities of the country can provide the special facilities for attracting local and foreign tourists with the participation of Chamber of Commerce and the hotelier community of Tabriz province " said Iraj Shahin Baher during the meeting with mayors of Isfahan and Hamedan.

He reminded that increasing the tourist’s arrival to the country create many jobs opportunities and economic prosperity. He also added:” through mutual support and cooperation of the municipalities of Tabriz, Isfahan and Hamedan, we can encourage tourists to visit Tabriz. We can also attracts attentions to the historic and cultural aspects of our country by tourism advertising  and offering subsidies to the foreign tourists. Shahin Baher also stated: “This plan will certainly be succeeded; we will attract more and more tourists day by day with the mutual support of municipalities.”

He also emphasized the prevention of high cost imposition over the municipality and pointed that:" This plan will also generate significant revenue, in addition to the reduction of the financial burden." The mayor of Tabriz emphasized: “we will initiate the plan from Tabriz, Isfahan and Hamedan, then will follow up the plan throughout the entire country and in other cities and provinces to attract more tourists.

In addition to proposing the subject of "exchanging tourists agreement " among the various municipalities of the country, Shahin Baher stated: “The agreement will be codified in municipal centers in order to offer discounts to the employees of the municipalities of the country, so that the employees will travel to the destination city with a tourist ticket and receive 70% discount. During this meeting, the mayor of Tabriz was appreciated by expressing gratitude of the mayors of Isfahan and Hamedan for the preparation of Tabriz municipality for the 2018 event.

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