Art is a way to promote international cultural relations

Ms. Utah Hecht Ester, a founding member of the German protestant dialogue association attended in a meeting that focused on the expansion of cultural relations; this event during which participants from various German and Esfahan cultural societies gathered in Aligholi Agha bathhouse was supported by Isfahan municipality.

Isfahan (IMAN)_ "The most important pre-requisite guidelines that are needed for this cultural dialogue association and all the other cultural associations is being highly familiar with other communities as well; in the long term, this will remove many misunderstandings due to the lack of sufficient information about other cultural communities” Utah Hecht Ester said in the meeting.

 In the following, we read Miss Hecht Ester's interview with IMNA:

Tell your opinion about Iranian culture and how much European people know about this culture.

During the years of my activity, I invite many tourists to visit Eastern countries with the aim of cultural acquaintance. The point that attracted my attention is that my companions have never been so surprised by the time they visited Iran, Egypt, China and India. The most important reason for this surprise is, first of all, the long history of these cultures and their greatness in the eyes of the people of the world, and especially of Europeans. One of the problems regarding the lack of proper knowledge of western people about other cultures is the principle of "Western Thinking".

Why is it necessary to have a mutual familiarity and cross-cultural studies?

The most important reasons for this recognition are the resolution of global disputes. The study of world history reveals that many conflicts throughout history are due to the lack of cultural knowledge of other nations; therefore, power can easily promote propaganda against other civilizations.

What solutions do you recommend to solve this problem?

Tourism and the enhancement of cultural and art related infrastructures make cultural differences more understandable. Art is a language that people understand it very easily. By creating permanent booths for painting and photography galleries, theatrical performances and other artistic activities we can fulfill the goal.

Tell us your future plans about Iran.
Following the previous conversations, in addition to dispatching our cultural delegations to Iran to perform cultural study on the history and music of the country and recording their reports, we are trying our best to advance the related cultural activities.

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