24 April 2018 - 14:55
"Let's Ride Electric Motors"

In the first specialized exhibition of clean transportation, deputy of Isfahan Municipality for transportation and traffic informed about the project called “Let’s Ride Electric Motors” and said: “Using electric motors reduces air pollution as well as the number of crashes in the city”.

Isfahan (IMNA)_ During the press conference of "clean transportation specialized exhibition "  which is held from April 24th to 26th, Alireza Salavati announced that educational programs and scientific workshops are held for experts and citizens with the presence of professors of Isfahan and Tehran universities every day in the exhibition hall; some professors and companies from Germany and France are also present in the event.

He stated that we had a successful experience with "Let’s Ride Bicycle" project during which about 15 billion Tomans were offered to the citizens within two months in order to buy bicycles. Now the project of "Let’s Ride Electric Motors" project is provided for citizens with the cooperation of Isfahan Bicycle and Motorcycle Sellers Union and Electric Motor factories; according to the project, electric motors are offered to citizens with special discounts and facilities.

He continued: this project will start from April 24th and will continue to the end of the summer. The municipality of Isfahan will provide the necessary infrastructures such as charging stations and special routs for electric motors and bicycles; besides, the suppliers will provide the citizens with discounts and facilities.

At the end, Salavati said: “We’ve promised to make a 100-km route for bike riding in Isfahan; the necessary conditions to park the bikes have also been provided in all parking lots for free. Places with "P" sign are also allocated to park the bicycles throughout the city, many other places are also supposed to be created. Besides, free charging stations for electric motors are built at 50 points of the city.


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