We will extend our diplomatic cooperation to cultural fields

Isfahan (IMNA)_ During the meeting of Amir Karimi, a special assistant of the state government of Isfahan, with Yuri Shestrikov, a member of the Cabinet and the representative of the governor of St. Petersburg at the Legislative Council, Karimi stressed that Isfahan and St. Petersburg can be good destinations for tourists from both countries because there are many commonalities between them.

Yuri Shestrikov, along with a delegation of representative from the largest businesses and chain stores of St. Petersburg, representatives of IT and the installation of city-facing cameras companies and representatives in the field of water treatment (use of wastewater, and water reclamation) met with Karimi, the special assistant of state government of Isfahan, at the historic Ashraf Hall.

Amir Karimi stated: "In order to consolidate the signing of a Sisterhood Relationship Agreement (SRA) between Isfahan city and St. Petersburg, it is necessary that the diplomatic cooperation be changed into practical and operational cooperation, especially in the cultural fields."

He added: there is a lot of commonalities between different parts of governance systems and the private organizations in Isfahan, especially with the Chamber of Commerce; this private sector can play a significant role in extending the cooperation.

Yuri Shestrikov, expressing his satisfaction with hosting the Iranian national team in St. Petersburg in the 2018 World Cup, said this is a great opportunity for development and expansion of cooperation. He also added: we are ready to manage the direct flights between Isfahan and St. Petersburg and there should be a mutual effort."

In addition, during the talks, the milestones were set for the development of partnerships, in which participation in areas such as commerce, tourism, scientific exchanges, as well as familiarity with the best experiences of each city in the field of municipal administration matters.

Both sides also focused on launching student_related programs through the University of Isfahan to train Russian as a foreign language with the participation of experts from the State University of Russian Teacher Training “Hertzyn”.

Cooperation opportunities were also highlighted in the field of cultural heritage conservation, and both assured that there is a readiness for practical support regarding the development of cooperation and beneficial partnerships between St. Petersburg and Isfahan.

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