serious attempt of Isfahan municipality  to support producing Iranian products

Isfahan (IMNA) _The municipality of Isfahan plans to create a consolidated structure to advance the plan in a comprehensive way, regarding this year's slogan which is “Support for Iranian Products".

Isfahan (IMNA)_ Referring to the Isfahan Cultural Week in Paris, the mayor of Isfahan said, "The most important message from Isfahan to Paris and France was that Isfahan is a city with a long history, warm and hospitable people, a cultural city with a long legacy and historical background; the message was also well received by French people".

According to IMNA, Ghodratollah Norouzi- the mayor of Isfahan, stated, "The cultural week of Isfahan was a great achievement; during this special week, French people described Isfahan in such a beautiful way that we had never heard about Isfahan like this in our own country!"

Norouzi added that holding such an event at the France's National Assembly could strengthen the relationship of Iran and Isfahan and show the Iranian potency to the world. He stressed cultural weeks are the best way to negotiate and remove the negative points that some are trying to highlight.

He added: "We should be able to take advantage of these opportunities to introduce the city and develop our capabilities and pave the way for strengthening the country's scientific, educational, and cultural backgrounds."

Norouzi emphasized that holding these cultural weeks could be a way to develop tourism and empower the tourism industry. On the latest trip, he claimed Isfahan lacks nothing in comparison with the cities of the European countries and therefore it can make benefit of its valuable features to attract foreign tourists.

He expressed his hope for Isfahan to be better off than the past, saying that the first Isfahan Cultural Week in Paris was a good reflection and all the French news agencies were on to this week.

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