Autumn Leaves Transform to Leaf Mold, Isfahan

The head of Parks and Green Spaces Organization for Isfahan Municipality said: in order to control soil damage and decrease its fertility, all the leaves will be massed from parks and green spaces to be transmitted to leaf silos, then transformed into leaf mold.

Foroogh Mortezaei-Nejad told IMNA reporter: trees pull nutrition out of the soil and transfer it to their leaves; autumn and the falling leaves cause the absorbed nutrition return to the soil.

He added: the leaves are usually collected and carried away from parks and green spaces, and this will lead to upset the balance among the nature components and finally result in disappearing nature sources.

“Therefore, Isfahan municipality has decided to mass all the leaves from parks and green spaces and transmit them to leaf silos to be transformed into leaf soils”, Mortezaei-Nejad announced and continued: the remedy will control soil damage and fertility decrease.    

He declared that after a year of providing optimum conditions such as moisture, temperature, and ventilation for microorganisms, the leaves will be thoroughly decomposed and finally soil mold is produced. He detailed: the soil mold will over the following years be used for modifying plant beds which will all result in continuing the natural cycle of food elements in the soil.   

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