Isfahan has potential for widespread tourism

Mayor of Isfahan, pointing that tourism development needs all organs’ assistance, said Isfahan has many potentials to transform into a universal city. He made the remarks on a live TV talk show.

As IMNA reports the news quoting from Communication Bureau of Isfahan Municipality, Ghodratollah Norouzi declared: I placed Tourism issues high on the agenda of the urban management while I was preparing myself for my future four-year task. “Isfahan deserves to be the first tourism pole in Iran and even the whole world”, he emphasized.

Norouzi added: we can improve religious, industrial, and medical tourism through relations with our sister cities, bringing boom and joy for the people.

Tourism growth through relations with sister cities

Isfahan holds sisterhood with 14 other cities, Norouzi mentioned and continued: so, nations of the engaged sides with sisterhood ties can easily travel to one another’s countries. Multilateral Interactions are even facilitated in the involved countries, he reminded.  

He called on cooperation between all urban organs to widen relations of Isfahan with other nations.

He referred to international exhibitions as another way of attracting tourists, saying: industrial tourism will improve in Isfahan only if the infrastructural level of Isfahan international exhibitions reach the satisfying level; the industry, therefore, will improve in the city.

Tourism growth tied to environmental enhancement

The mayor expressed: we hope the cooperation between City Council and Municipality will increase to bring prosperity for the city.

“The key component of health tourism is enhancing the environment”, “accordingly, tourism can serve as an occupation in Isfahan”, Ghodratollah Norouzi stressed.

Speaking about Zayandeh-Rood River, the mayor said: this concern must receive considerable attention; the city of Isfahan is meaningless without the river since it removes all the pollution and provides drinking water.  

People trust us

Norouzi admitted that the municipality’s budget belongs to people. “We have to clarify how the municipal assets are expended or where they come from”, he detailed.  

Elsewhere in his speech, he warned that the civil engineering projects must not sacrifice quality for quantity. The uncontrollable increase in the number of such projects have resulted in a number of unfinished projects.

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