Special site to be established for artists

Mayor of Isfahan highlighted the importance of establishing a special site for artists of Isfahan, saying: necessary negotiations have been conducted over building a museum and special location for artists in Isfahan Risbaf Factory site. He added: we are putting efforts into the soonest achievement.

While expressing his pleasure to be in group of theater artists, the mayor said: these meetings are aimed to be classrooms for us, and the mentioned viewpoints will widely affect our perspectives, IMNA reports according to Communication Bureau of Isfahan Municipality at the 7th session of 'Isfahan Tomorrow'.  

Ghodratollah Norouzi then pointed out the significance of art and declared that art is one of the main ways to reach God. All types of art are expressive in a way but theater is sort of expression which impress the addressee on the spot, he continued and assured theater artists deserve the best.

"You are the most effective factors in social issues and whoever denying this, does not enjoy a clear understanding of art; they are those who never feel sympathy for people", Norouzi emphasized.

He then stressed that investing in art areas are much more important than in industry since artists serve as factories of human making. "Isfahan, with its rich historical culture, deserves more attention for its capacities", he added.  

Norouzi publicized that tourism is the top priority for the municipality so we need to provide artists with best equipment. We have usually seen crowds around an artist to enjoy their art, he mentioned and explained: this harms neither the religion nor the moral values, so I hope all cities will someday be the venue to present such arts.  

Norouzi afterwards reminded that a new site for artists is planned to be established in Isfahan Risbaf Factory location; and necessary discussions have been put with Minister of Housing and Isfahan Governor General.  

Finally at the meeting he called on the artists to gift joy to the society, save people from depression, and create effective citizens. "We also support the infrastructures as needed", he assured them.   

He also expressed hope to extend the meetings through the year.

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