Old Isfahan to enjoy a revival

Considered as a vital cultural-historical site of the city, Safavid Governmental Complex is high on the agenda of Isfahan municipality to be revived.

According to IMNA, Isfahan is one of the most important metropolises across Iran and the whole world in terms of antiquity which enjoys having a number of historical attractions. Regardless of the remaining monuments, there were some other glorious historical structures destroyed through ages.

Among the very famous structures in Safavid Isfahan, we can name Safavid Governmental Complex, Chahar-Bagh Ave., palaces and gardens which all counted for important elements of the city’s historical texture. The structures were, unfortunately, overlooked by kings of the time. Consequently, the structures underwent human changes and were partly destroyed.

Now over years, the municipality of Isfahan has paid considerable attention to preserve such historical architecture sites especially the Safavid Governmental Complex. Therefore, Isfahan will find its missing half and attract countless travelers from Iran and abroad.

Chahar-Bagh fountains undergo a revival again

Head of Renovation and Improvement Organization for Isfahan Municipality, Hossein Jafari, says in this respect: fountains on Chahar-Bagh Ave. will be revived again.

He announced the fountains revival as another top priorities of the municipality.

20 projects under implementation in Safavid Governmental Complex

Jafari reminds that the previously mentioned projects will return the city to its authentic identity, raising social dynamism and tourism growth.

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