Local institutes inspire public trust

Isfahan mayor announced: local institutes play a crucial role in growing trust between the government and public, leading to resolve many governmental problems.

IMNA reports from the Communication Bureau of Isfahan Municipality quoting the mayor, Qodratoolah Nowrouzi: the people-government trust can easily grow if local institutes enter the arena, Nowrouzi said the remarks in his official visit with the general director of Isfahan Organization of Culture and Islamic Guidance.  

He claimed that Isfahan is the venue for coexistence of all monotheistic religions to live peacefully with one another; this capability, therefore, should be taken for granted so as to improve different religions coexistence.   

General Director of Isfahan Organization of Culture and Islamic Guidance confirmed: Isfahan needs some cultural, artistic infrastructures in which we have acted poorly in terms of international standards.

Clergyman, Habib-Reza Arzani declared: great consideration should be paid to private sectors, people’s cooperation, and cultural fields. “It is also necessary to take actions in domains of women’s music and street music”, he mentioned.

Regarding Isfahan economy of art, he said: we try to run the “Isfahan Big Sale” in the following half year.

“Deploying the potential of 15 sister cities, Isfahan is capable of establishing the previously mentioned Sale through exporting precious works of art in order to soon witness economic growth in art.

He again referred to the event of “Monotheistic Religions, National Unity” in Isfahan, and explained that this event was last year held with purpose of emphasizing National Unity and Sympathy among followers of various religions.

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