City development depends on group work

The former Isfahan mayor said: the event named ‘Every Week, A few Openings’ was resulted by people’s decisive cooperation in different quarters, sympathetic figures, managers of executive organs, and provincial officials.

IMNA quotes the former mayor, Mehdi Jamalinejad, at the induction ceremony of the new mayor: citizens of Isfahan have constantly been informed of weekly events and inaugurations. Holding an event such as ‘Every Week, a Few Openings’ is very difficult responsibility.   

He added: various reports have so far been detailed in weekly meetings in the presence of the municipal delegation of deputies, but showing gratitude to my hardworking colleagues for all their nonstop efforts is worthy of mention, the efforts which led into the inauguration of 1185 projects in a short time span.  

After expressing his grateful thanks to the 2-million-member family of Isfahan municipality including the protective service, judicial officials, and police forces, Jamalinejad also warmly acknowledged the support of Isfahan Governor, Dr. Zargarpour. He further thanked all the university geniuses and Isfahani artists, stating: world cannot find so skillful artists as in Isfahan.

“I am truly thankful to the investors and economic activists”, “they caused a threefold raise of private investment during a year compared to the recent 10 years”, Jamalinejad voiced his satisfaction.

In addition to thanking the media staff, especially photographers, for their continuous presence in all events, the former mayoral top authority appreciated managers, deputies, staff, as well as the workers who sincerely devote their life for people i.e. firefighters.    

Finally in his presentation, he said that he was grateful to the 4th City Council for their full support, and said: appointing me as the municipality supervisor means a lot to me.

Jamalinejad said congratulations to the new official mayor of Isfahan, stating: a sophisticated, valuable mayor is now elected for Isfahan, we hope to witness the city growth.

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