Wise objectives to fulfil goals

Isfahan mayor said: we have chosen wise objectives to fulfil our goals to prove that the goals are not only hoped but are also to be achieved.

According to IMNA reporter at today induction ceremony of Isfahan mayor, Qodratollah Nowrouzi emphasized: we truly ask God to keep our eyes open for realities, help us not to sin in order to grant best services to people.

Reminding that the goals are not only hoped but also to be achieved, he added: we are not to confront anybody on this way, but just try to make best efforts from the bottom of our hearts.

We must put necessary plans into action so the municipality can bring about democracy and deployment of the nation’s opinion in urban management, the mayor stated.

Nowrouzi then proudly declared that Isfahan is known as a vigorous city during the revolution era which has left over 23 thousand martyrs. “This city has bestowed its youth to the Islamic Iran. Those who devoted their lives for justice and freedom”, he completed his remark.    

Isfahan is neglected by city authorities

The authority pointed out that Isfahan has played a crucial role in the era of Iran-Iraq war. “The late Founder of Iran’s Revolution as well as the Iranian Supreme Leader have frequently presented valuable speeches about this city”, he publicized and went on:  but Isfahan is nationally neglected in terms of material resources and equipment, so Isfahan authorities have failed to successfully complete the urban projects despite all their twofold efforts.

Elsewhere at his talk, Nowrouzi clarified that the city metro have been under implementation for 16 years and the first line is recently available for the public after this long time.

Also regarding Zayandeh-Roud River, he voiced that the problem has stepped out of being a provincial problem, rather it is now considered a national concern which has stolen the joy from the city.

We plan to untie the city problems in cooperation with the people, while trying not to generate new troubles in others’ jobs, he highlighted, stressing: “of course, we neither escape the issues nor overlook the realities”, “instead we try to promote cooperation between people and authorities to root out the problems for finding solutions; experts and managers of the city are also highly required for cooperation on this way.”  

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