Chahar-Bagh Abbasi Ave. 2nd phase be fully cobbbled in a month

The Head of Renovation and Improvement Organization for Isfahan municipality voiced: the cobbling project at the 2nd phase of Chahar-Bagh Abbasi Ave. is scheduled to be finished by next month.

Hassan Jafari addressed IMNA reporter: the cobbling project was started in Chahar-Bagh Abbasi Ave. with the purpose of restoring Safavid Governmental Complex. The project is aimed at connecting Chahar-Bagh Abbasi Ave. to Sepah St. and thereafter to Imam Square.  

He added that the first phase is completed and promised the completion of the 2nd phase by the next month.

“2nd phase cobblestone includes the path from Sheikh Bahei St. extending to Amadegah St.”, he explained.

The authority then publicized: the 3rd phase encompassing the route from Imam Hossain Sq. to Sheikh Bahaei St., as well as the 4th phase ranging from Sheikh Bahaei St. to Amadegah St. will be soon executed respectively.

He finally concluded that the transformation of Chahar Bagh Ave. into a pavement will result in a number of benefits such as reducing the car traffic on the avenue, cutting down the air pollution etc. “Experts believe that such advantages can bring Isfahan metropolis great vitality, interaction and involvement”, he closed his remarks.

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