Day-long eco tours

Director General of Isfahan Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department announced holding day-long eco tours in Mouteh wildlife shelter in Isfahan province.

IMNA quotes the Director General on the sidelines of his official visit to Mouteh wildlife shelter: Mouteh protected area at 205 thousand hectares is stretched from central Isfahan to north-western Isfahan, whose other part is extended to southern Semnan province.  

He stressed: despite its high potential to change into a tourism attraction, we have also managed to plan purposefully in order to give licenses to hold one-day eco-tours in the area.

Local Manager of Cultural Heritage for Shahin-Shahr and Meymeh, Javad Chehrazi, declared: Mouteh great wildlife shelter includes more than 478 specious of plants belonging to 53 plant families.

Some provincial officials naming Isfahan’s Governor General, Rasoul Zargarpour, Director General of Isfahan Cultural Heritage, Fereydoun Allahyari, Governors of two suburban cities of Shahin-Shahr and Meymeh, alireza Basiri, Manager of Cultural Heritage for Shahin-Shahr, Javad Chehrazi paid a visit to the preserved area of Mouteh. The visit was also attended by some other directors of the Provincial Cultural Heritage.


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