10 modern air, noise pollution monitoring stations run/ Isfahan

The deputy of transport & traffic of Isfahan Municipality announced: the city of Isfahan is going to be equipped with 10 modern stations of air and noise pollution as well as the most important reference laboratories of air pollution meters across the country.

As IMNA quoted from Alireza Salavati, the traffic and transport deputy: the uncontrollable grow in industrial, economical activities especially in metropolises have raised troubles for the air quality.

He declared: deployment of the latest technologies in metropolises, along with moving towards smart cities can, to a large extent, help bettering the air quality for the inhabitants.

“So the municipality of Isfahan established 10 modern stations of air and noise pollution in different city parts as a crucial step for better planning in the fields of science, education, and implementation all in cooperation with relevant organs and people’s involvement”, Salavati concluded.

More and more data and experience, therefore, will be exchanged between urban managers and university researchers all targeted to enhance environmental conditions, he added.

The deputy further said: the Air Quality Monitoring Center is inviting all the geniuses and enthusiasts nationwide to all collaborate in creating such clean air and developing a smart city. They are also supposed to take major steps to make use of clean fuels and new energies to both improve the city life and apply new approaches to reach a clean metropolis for citizens.

It is worth to note that 5 stations have up to the present day been available, and the other five ones are to be soon opened.

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