Isfahan’s Flowers Garden, one of a kind attraction

Not only does Isfahan glory in its archeological sites, but also it enjoys a beautiful unique site named ‘Baq-e Golha’, (meaning Flowers Garden). The place is famous all around the country and is considered as a main attraction in the city of Isfahan.

IMNA reports: Isfahan’s Flowers Garden is a great project which was exploited within 1991-2001 On Salman Farsi ST., Bozorgmehr Square, and was later available for the public use.

One of the distinguishing features of the garden is that it functions as a multipurpose garden naming: recreational, educational, research, and deployment of traditional elements in the architecture.

Growing machinery and the increasing rise of pollutant industry has endangered the environment and the human life. Air pollution is the source of most Respiratory diseases and consequently sudden deaths.  

We need to believe that a great national movement can create a healthy urban atmosphere which guarantees citizens’ health of mind and body. We, thus, are supposed to nourish our hopes.

Isfahan, this turquoise city which is shining in central plateau of Iran, is beautified by the Flowers Garden as helpful air purification.

Isfahan Flowers Garden is exposing some 250 species of plants in a 2500 square meters area with 3 meters height.

There is a rock located to the east of the garden pouring a considerable amount of water into the pool. The waterfall structure is made of various types of river stones to make a natural view.

The garden is also equipped with a playground surrounded by fences to make a safe area for children to enjoy themselves.

The basically grass-covered garden is at some areas ornamented with seasonal one-year and two-year flowers and decorative bushes. The garden is centered with a nice flower carpet ornamented with ancient Isfahani patterns. Also the passages, about 5000 square meters, are carpeted with flagstones of special floral patterns.

Some parts of the garden are devoted to planting roses as well.

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