Cooperation, turning point in Isfahan municipal projects

Attracting investors in a variety of fields is always considered as an outstanding factor to maintain the economic growth in every city, in terms of which Isfahan municipality has taken steps towards the city development.

IMNA reports: municipalities are among public institutions with a high financial capability and various capacities which can best utilize all the capabilities and features of a city to fulfil the goals of metropolises in urban-financial areas.

Isfahan municipality has established its investment and cooperative affairs since 2006 with backing from the side of Isfahan City Council as well as the High Council for Investment and Cooperation.

Isfahan municipality welcomes home and foreign investors with open arms, emphasizing: Isfahan municipal investing and cooperative affairs has signed contracts at about 2.5 times more compared to the past ten years, while the country is suffering a deep recession.  

He admits: we are now witnessing a considerable boost in Isfahan urban projects. He then assured people to obviously see the results in the future.

“Each municipal project receives more than 12 offers of investment that proves the high competition between investors”, declared Jamalinejad the mayor of Isfahan.

He, elsewhere in his speech, declared: we need the city development to move shoulder to shoulder with preserving the cultural heritage. “Civil engineering projects will guarantee the city for a whole lifetime”, the mayor believes.  

Counting cooperative affairs as a turning point in Isfahan municipal projects, Jamalinejad strongly believes that shouldering the responsibilities to people will best help the city develop.

Cooperative projects have high social value added

The mayor’s deputy director for investment and cooperation, Morteza Hesamnejad reminds: “public section has the advantage of creating enough space to widen activities”. “In fact both public and private sectors are knotted to one another and can well cooperate to cause a two-sided growth”. “They will all result in reaching the objectives of the city and citizens.”

Over 21 thousand jobs created through cooperative projects  

Morteza Hesamnejad pointed to the high significance of depending private sectors to the import, emphasizing: Isfahan municipality’s investment and cooperation are to a full extent encouraging domestic products, resistance economy, and development.   

He introduced single-platform gas stations as an obvious example of the issue, and continued that the mentioned project is done cooperatively, and every single component is manufactured within the borders of Iran.  

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